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Knit Night

Ok, I sorta forgot this in the last post. lol

So we had the second Knit Night last night. It was sooo much fun! There were like 10 people there this time and so we were all knitting away while talking. We also decided what we’re going to do for our charity/goodwill type group project. We’re going to make a baby blanket(s). We were thinking of giving them to a local place that helps out new moms and stuff, but we decided we wanted to give it to someone we know, so we started thinking of people we know who are pregnant, and we’ll probably give it to one of them! Our first blanket will be a girl one, and so we’re doing the colors pink, purple, and white. We’ll each knit up a few squares, then sew them all up together! Jaclyn’s getting the yarn, so I’m just waiting for that, but I’m excited!

Also, I brought my completed Cousin Pillow, and like everyone was complementing it and asking for the pattern! That was encouraging! So now I’m going to try to get the pattern up writing soon, but probably after I get back from the long trip.


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Shopping Results

So we went shopping yesterday! We were a little rushed because Jayne had to be home by 3. We went to the “lys” and it was AMAZING!! I didn’t buy anything this time, but I’ll definitely go back. We were just walking around the whole store, looking at it all and feeling all the yarn! lol! It wasn’t acrylic! It was…wool! And ALPACA!(Which I am now in love with since it is sooo soft! lol). And HAND-DYED yarn!! Hand-spun yarn! Roving! wow! It was amazing! lol! But, yeah, I didn’t buy any yarn there THIS time.

jiffy 2

I did, however, buy some yarn at Hobby Lobby! I got some Lionbrand:Jiffy in the pinkish color Blush for the Drops Cabled Bag that my friends and I are going to knit on a 7 or 8 hour bus trip..(I guess it will end up being like 14-16 hours since we have to drive there Monday and drive back Saturday..) But yeah, it’s not quite mohair or alpaca, but I still really like the yarn, it’s really smooth knitting, and the yarn is fuzzy and soft.


Then, last night at Knit Night I started on the bag, and I’ve worked on it a bunch last night and this morning. I’m 1 round after the cable round and it’s going pretty smoothly. I hope it turns out cute!! Here’s a few pics: they’re not very good for a few reasons. It’s totally hard to even photograph the bag right now, plus my camera batteries were totally dead, so I had to turn it on, quick press the button, it’d act like it was gonna die, then quickly take the pic, then it would die. so yeah.lol

p3290678.jpg cabled purse


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Yarn Shopping!!

In a couple hours my friend and I are going YARN SHOPPING!! YAAAY!! hehe! We need to get some bulky yarn so we can make the Drops Cable Bags while we’re on a 7 or 8 hour bus ride, and for the first time every I get to go to an all-yarn store!! I guess you could sorta call it a LYS, except it’s not local to me. lol!

More info when I get back, and maybe even some yarn pics! ūüėÄ


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Cousin Pillows!

 cousin pillows side

Anna and I designed pillows we wanted to knit together a couple weeks ago. We both had Yarn Bee: Frosting and Yarn Bee: Airy in different colors, but we wanted to make matching pillows with our names on them! I finished mine last week, but I’m waiting for her to finish hers up and then we’ll post the pattern! Yay! lol

cousin pillow front


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Another Free Pattern!

Here’s another free pattern! Pics aren’t on here yet, but you can see some on Ravelry!

3rd Generation Ipod Nano Cozy

 ipod cozy closed


  • Size 8(U.S.) needles
  • Worsted Weight Yarn-I used Red Heart Symphony
  • A small to medium sized button


  • 3 3/4 st. to 4 st.=1in (it’s really close, and it was hard for me to measure today because all the fuzzy-ness of the yarn kinda made it hard for me to measure!)

Finished Measurements

  • Fits a 3rd gen. nano, so about:
  • 2 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches long with the flap folded over


Cast on 8 stitches. Work in stockinette stitch until piece measures 8 inches long. (ending on a purl row)

Next Row: Knit 4, yo, knit 4

Bind off all stitches.


Fold and seam up sides LEAVING 1 1/2 INCHES FOR A FLAP!!

Sew on button, and you’re ready to rock out your tunes!!

 ipod cozy open

I’d love to see FO pics if you make it, and as always, if you have any questions, or suggestions to make the pattern better/more understandable, just let me know!!


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